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Pixel Headshot Icons
Robin Pixel Icon by Bashful-King
SI: Martini Icon 1 by Bashful-King
Aggie Icon 1 by Bashful-King
Simple pixel headshot icons for your use. They have transparent backgrounds, but if you want a color, tell me. 

If you want them blinking, I can attempt that as well.

If you don't want to pay in points, you can pay the $1 to my Paypal (Please note me for it if interested).
Flat Colored Full Body *Digital*
Piiiiichuuuuu by Bashful-King
Robin Color Ref and Final App Picture by Bashful-King
Robin Dress Doodle by Bashful-King
HPM: Robin App Update Again by Bashful-King
A digital full body drawing of any character of your choice. 

I will try anything except Transformer's like robots, as I'm not experienced enough with them. 

If you don't have the points, you can also pay the $2.50 to my Paypal (Please note me for that if interested). 

Colored Sketch
FR: Little Tempo Gijinka by Bashful-King
FR: Little Saturn Gijinka by Bashful-King
FR Child Gijinka: Pulse by Bashful-King
A colored sketch of your choosing

This is a special commission at the moment as any type of picture from head-shot to full body (excluding backgrounds) is at one stable price. More characters can be added as well.

The examples are the gijinka characters. The dragons belong to the website Flight Rising.
Shaded with Full Colors and Background *Digital*
ElfSama HPM Secret Santa 2013 by Bashful-King
Theme 28 Sorrow by Bashful-King
With this picture you get:

:bulletred: One full shading on the entire picture
:bulletred: One Character
:bulletred: One background

If interested, but don't want to/can't   pay in points, please note me for my PayPal. 

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Roleplay Characters~


:iconrobinhpmplz: Robin Williams
HPM: Robin Williams by Bashful-King

Benny Icon by Bashful-King Bernice "Benny" Benedict
HPM Bernice App by Bashful-King

:iconisland-named-bill: (and PokeBerry Academy)

Nona the Audino Icon 1 by Bashful-King Nona Lewis
Nona the Audino Profile 2 by Bashful-King

Hooty Icon by Bashful-King Demetri "Hooty" Anderson
Hooty App 2 by Bashful-King

Annabelle "Bell" Rivers
INB: Annabell Rivers by Bashful-King

Marcello Williams
Marcello INB App by Bashful-King

Monica "Mint" Williams
Mint INB APp by Bashful-King

Kipper Williams
Kipper INB App by Bashful-King


EOD: Matilda by Bashful-King


SI: Martini by Bashful-King


Agatha Tilki
COR: Agatha Tilki by Bashful-King

TO DO LIST (Trades, Requests and Commissions)

:bulletred:: ART TRADES :bulletred:


:bulletblue: REQUESTS :bulletblue:

-Bulbiekins Lapisla Sketch Request (HPM)
-Aloulore Soloman Magical Dragon-Girl (FR)

:bulletgreen: COMMISSIONS :bulletgreen:


To Do List -Fun Things-

:bulletred: <-Means Constant Updating


:bulletred: Animal Trackers Update (Robin)
:bulletred: Diary entries (Robin)
:bulletred: Item Meme (Robin)
:bulletred:Robin Mine pictures (Cave 3-1)
-PKMNC Meme (Shiny Sylveon Robin)
-Pet Gijinka Meme (Two More) [[One More]]
-Pet Profiles ((Squash, Zap(2) Sokka, Mint(2), Kipper(2), Tenders, Porkchop(2), Bebek))
-Xmas Tree Meme (Robin)
-Outfit Meme (Evolved Robin)
-Anthro Meme (Robin-Sylveon)
-Call to RP (Shiny-Evolved Robin)

:iconisland-named-bill: :iconpokeberry-academy:

:bulletred: Update Heart Chart (Hooty, Marcello, Bell,Benny)
-Honey List: App, Heart Chart, Voice Meme, Icon.
-Clothing Meme (Marcello, Honey, Bell, Benny)
-Alternate Family Meme (Marcello, Bell)
-Moveset Meme (Hooty, Marcello, Honey, Bell, Benny)
-Family Meme (Hooty, Marcello, Honey, Bell, Benny)
-Call to RP (Marcello, Honey, Bell, Benny)
-Singles Meme (Marcello, Honey, Bell, Benny)
-Hooty's Bro NPC App(s)
-Benny App

:bulletred:Cooking Assignment 2
:bulletred:Literature Assignment 3
:bulletred:Math Assignment 2
:bulletred:Poke-Science Assignment 1
:bulletred:PE Assignment 2
:bulletred:Performance Arts Assignment 1
:bulletred:Auditory Arts Assignment 1


:bulletred: Update Special Items Sheet

-Voice Actor Meme (Aggie)
-Original Type Meme (Aggie)
-Genderbend Meme (Performance Aggie)
-Familiar Gijinka Meme (Hermes)
-Different Faction Meme (Aggie)
-Age Meme (Aggie)


-Parent Meme (Matilda)


:bulletred: Special Items Meme
:bulletred: Heart Chart
-Ouran High Meme
-GenderBender Gijinka Meme
-Apocalypse Meme
-Afterlife Meme
-Items Sheet
-Super Hero/Villon Meme
-Avatar Meme
-Wonderland Meme
-Outfit meme
-Moveset Meme
-Age Meme (3 Slot)
-Gijinka Meme
-Pet Meme
-Home Sweet Home Meme

:bulletred: OTHER :bulletred:
-Fix and re-order Rokemon-RP-Central AnimalCrossingForAll
-Kanto!Ash Ketchum Cosplay (Jacket, Gloves, and Black Wig (Maybe) needed)
-Card Captor Sakura Cosplay (Schoolgirl uniform, beads, shoes, staff if possible. Find Kero plush)
-GS!Dave Cosplay



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Oh yeah, so I decided I'm going to leave some groups and just join one new one 

1 deviant said Eternity of Dreams, Synthesis Island, Island Named Bill are most likely going to be left.
1 deviant said But for now I need to get out of the groups where it is dead or I feel that I don't belong.
No deviants said I will stay in Jirachi Valley, Ecosta-Rica, HPM, and Collapse of Reality
No deviants said And I will be attempting to join PKMNation.
No deviants said I will be trying to give the two groups I made (Pkmn-Rp-Central and AnimalCrossingForAll) away
No deviants said As I do not need them, but they do get a bit of action. With a lot of clean up and such, both could be ok
No deviants said If interested, just comment below or note me, I don't care.
No deviants said I still love my characters, and they'll probs be used in other groups

Late Thank You's and Heads Ups

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 22, 2014, 1:25 AM

Hey guys! I wanted to thank y'all for the birthday wishes 2 weeks ago~ Sorry for being later, but I couldn't figure out what else to put in with the thank you's, but now I know.

As a heads up, the end of the semester is coming, and I'll be free of my research paper on Wednesday. All my classes look passable, but Sociology doesn't, and English is unknown due to the teacher not posting the grades. Either way though, my time will be freed up a bit more over the coming weeks, and the semester ends in the middle of May. Hopefully though my time will be taken over in the summer time by a job at Walmart or a Gas Station.

I should have my license in a few weeks too, driving license, meaning I'll be getting myself to and from more places~ This'll help a lot since I won't need to leave at 7 (and get up at 5) to go to school at Joliet for the rest of the semester, and I'll have more choices for where I'd be able to work. For now, I'd be able to hitch rides into Morris for the hopeful Walmart gig. 

Also, I've gotten myself a PS3!~ I've been playing Ni No Kuni as of late, and it's fun~ I also have Skyrim, The Walking Dead Season One with all the DLC, Eternal Sonata, Dead Rising 2, and White Knight Chronicles (International Version). I also got a free year of PSPlus, so I can add Lone Survivor: Director's Cut, and some other games too~ I know I"ll only have them for a year, but I have a plan I'm enacting near next April. 

Speaking of games, I'm thinking about doing streams or even full LP's for games. I can't sit and draw as the only thing I do for a stream, I have to have constant change. I may also just do my Yellow/Crystal runs on there for my Nuzlockes. Speaking of those, I have a plan set up, but it won't be comics I'll do for them, just pictures with a story (and a Too Long, Didn't Read thing at the bottom). 

Oh yeah, next week I may run a special on my sketch commissions, buy one get one half off, but that's if I can get my current commission done. Also going to be editing my commissions and making a new commissions sheet, though some tips on how to price/how to design it would help a lot, since I'm not the brightest when it comes to these things. 

Oh yeah, so the money situation, even after I hopefully get the job, will be getting better. My mother left the diner she's worked at for a near decade, which is good, since the idiot night manager has been harassing mom and the other waitresses for years and has been playing god with our lies, driving people away, and his father won't do anything about it and is just letting over 20 years of hard work go down the drain because he won't control his son, but the owner knows what his son does is bad, and it drove off one of the best waitresses at the diner (my mother). He'll learn, now I'm just waiting to see which one of them is going to torch the diner, since that may be the only way to get back some of the money. I just, god, I hate the night manager so much.

Anyway, now I'm off to bed since I have to be up in less than 4 hours. 



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moggy2007 Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy birthday ~ :la:
Bashful-King Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you so very much!
SpookyLotus Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday to ya.
Bashful-King Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you very very much~
Cheru-Hime Apr 7, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Happy birthday! :glomp: I hope your day goes well <3
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